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The Festival of Death and Dying 2019

Reality Studios Inc. was commissioned by The Festival of Death and Dying to create a audio visual installation in the Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral to run all day on 2nd November 2019. The installation was a digital act of remembrance that took inspiration from the "calling of the names" that occurs at evensong on All Hallows Day every year at the cathedral. Members of the public were invited to submit the names of loved ones who have died, these names were collated and brought into the installation as a 3 dimensional cloud that changed names every 20 seconds, with the names floating, tumbling and rotating gently. The visuals were supported by music specially selected by Jesse Hazlewood and The Voices Project, recordings of local people reflecting on death curated by Henrietta Lang.


Below you can see a gallery of images from the day of the installation and a video with the full installation plus a reworked soundtrack. The video below has been reworked from the original installation to be more compatible with screen viewing. Navigate to the comments on the youtube page and you'll find a timestamped list of the names that will allow you to navigate to within 15 minutes of any name.

My thanks to the organisers of the festival and the staff of Wells Cathedral for trusting me with this sensitve subject and location.

The installation was created in Touchdesigner, with mapping handled by HeavyM. The final video was put together in Shotcut.

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