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About Reality Studios Inc.

I am Andrew Gowland, a designer based in Glastonbury, UK. I have developed a deep fascination in the interaction between sound and vision. 

Over the years I have created various forms of art and music, however it wasn't until I was introduced to projection mapping that I found that I could start to merge the two.

With a focus on visuals that are altered by sound I have been lighting events since 2014, creating unique visuals at club nights and festivals involving notable artists such as Celt Islam, Erique Dial, JFB, Sub Dub, Krafty Kutz, Max Pashm, Zetan Spore, Boom Sound, Honk Kong Ping Pong, WBBL, Odjbox, Babyhead, House of Commoners and many more.

I have worked with single and multiple projector set ups. I currently have the capacity to run up to 8 identical screens and/or a four projector mapping set up. I am constantly looking to improve and change my set up so that each gig or installation is unique and new in some way.

imperfect 3d scan self-portrait
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