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Plant Medicine: A Film Series

Plant Medicine: Can entheogens heal where pharmaceuticals have failed?

We all have some experience of issues with mental health either personally or with the people we know. It is endemic in our society now. The current medical model of pharmaceutical intervention and talking therapies is not effective and really only stems the tide. Pharmaceutical interventions (such as SSRIs), generally only improve symptoms in a small percentage of cases. Talking therapies work to a degree but only if the patient is receptive.

This film series, curated and presented by Reality Studios Inc. in May 2019, showed an alternative route and was crafted to provide the most persuasive argument in support of a new approach, that of entheogens, psychedelics and plant medicine.

The film series was very well received by those who attended and ultimately lead to the creation of The  Glastonbury Plant Medicine Conference, with the inaugural event in September 2019.

09/05/19 - Neurons to Nirvana:

                   The Great Medicines

23/05/19 - Medicinal Cannabis and it's impact on human health

Detox Or Die

06/06/19 - Magic Medicine

16/05/19 - DMT: The Spirit Molecule

30/05/19 - Iboga Nights

13/06/19 - From Shock To Awe

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